Strategy & Creativity

We create content that converts.

Senseï Media is at the intersection between a marketing agency and a creative video production studio. We offer the perfect combination of creative media and advertising expertise to maximize your brand's results.

At Senseï Media, we put in place results-oriented strategies to really generate growth. It is both an art (scenario, concept, style, creativity) and a science (psychology, system, funnels, narrative science).

Our services

Content strategy
& branding

We start with an intensive and collaborative planning session that identifies and prioritizes needs as well as business objectives in order to achieve them every time.

Brand content

Your brand has a personality of its own. We master all aspects of branded content to make yours shine and make your customers love it.

Video production

Video is the best way to engage with your audience. Show your style, create an experience and tell your stories. Don't worry: from concept to screen, we'll be there with you every step of the way.

Social Videos

No matter the network, our content focuses on engaging your community. Shares, likes and #hashtags guaranteed!


For the big or small screen, our ads are grounded in storytelling to make an emotional connection that will make your brand unforgettable.

Facebook & Instagram advertising

We deploy your content in a sophisticated advertising funnel that will follow your customers through their purchase journeys to convert them. Wait until you see the results we generate!

Creative advice

Are you running out of ideas for creating your content? Our expertise is rooted in traditional media: we'll help you find the stories that are right under your nose!

Communication plan

We help all kinds of companies to define their communication axes, their editorial calendar and to plan their next actions.

Nous aidons les marques à obtenir de grands résultats.


Capital One

The video looks amazing! We really appreciate the time taken by the team to understand our needs. I was very impressed with the first cut of it: it’s exactly what we envisioned!

Kevin Ketchen

Signé MJ

I had full confidence in the Sensei Media team to create the content and images of my company. Results: I was really amazed about the final product! A dynamic and personalized video that can highlight my personality and the brand image of Signé MJ.

Marie-Josée Beaudoin

Capital One

It was a pleasure working with your team. You guys did great work!

Michael MacVicar


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